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Drop of Ink
The need returns.
How simply she slips back under the fingernails
And dances with flourishing shutters and ripe trains of silk.
A single drop was all she needed,
With her visceral hedonism and need for nudity,
She crawls back into bed with me.
Nourishes me and puts me to sleep
Once I've
Sated her.
What a terse course of action and pith she makes
In her solitary reverence.
She pulls me forward
And holds me back
With a surgeon's precision
And a junkie's
God save the pens now that she's returned.
Soon it will be
Pens, pens everywhere
And not a
Drop of Ink.
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Mature content
The Mask :iconsolaceparoxysm:SoLaCePaRoXySM 1 0
Upon Goat Stomachs
Coming back on a bus from Boston,
I stopped at your door.
I left my eyes in your mailbox and my teethe in your flower pots,
For they've no use anymore.
Shrubs made not their fragrant beds on my return,
But they a dish of chilies and vittles made,
For sons to wear at Masquerade
While the Piper was paid.
Upon goat stomachs they carried me out
From whence an unholy
Hannibalian dirigible
Regurgitated me out
Since I aggravated the sprout and was cast back
Into the fold of old salt and grass
Where stone overcomes it.
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Mature content
Ash Wednesday :iconsolaceparoxysm:SoLaCePaRoXySM 0 0
Everything is
Broken arms and swallowed swords
Turn it all to
You can rip it off,
Tear it,
Split it,
But it remains
Not Calais,
The Moon is rife with
The ocean in its timeless beauty
For you find no fluidity in
For there is none
And by these means we find an end to justify the
How is for future generations to decipher while they sit and ponder
In this precise predicament, we communicate and extricate the extraordinary nature of the
We find no measure worth the ruler,
Worth the words and numbers spent
On such an untimely yet poignant and necessary thing as that which we call
Callous has the way.
Callous has the means.
Callous has the purpose.
Callous has the housing.
Callous has the transitory prowess and proficiency that man could never know
With his hands and mind so
:iconsolaceparoxysm:SoLaCePaRoXySM 0 0
Thoughts of the Wayfarer
My hands have the sharpest sight
Watching the orhids take flight.
A gazelle falls to her knees;
Begs the Great Serpent to pay her fees.
Abrasive taste of toxic waste.
Make haste through the paste.
The clerics make thei mountains
And sing of spring.
Silver twigs shatter the sky,
And the Old Man is rather shy.
Along the beach, a lemon tree grows.
Why it's there, no one knows.
Out on the plain, they writhe in pain.
It feels the same, this tired game.
Disciples pray to the shadows
And weep for the dawn.
The coins in my purse
Make the dog's cough worse.
And every single cell
Feels just like hell.
The peacock laid a cubed egg,
The with forbade nightshade.
The Wayfarer's soul
Is now a hole
Dug by a mole
With a painted shoal
And a coat of coal
In a vibrant knoll
Void of control
And sense of goal.
:iconsolaceparoxysm:SoLaCePaRoXySM 0 0
When the stork is eyeing your fingertips
And cherry trees sprout from your lips,
The entangling desire of alligator hips
Dangles in a mire of forgotten ships.
She is sick and full of fruit
Calling out against one single brute
With a jar around his boot
And a minstrel in his hair, grievously plucking at his lute.
What an odd placement of lilac roots lay here
As a crowd of opal flowers stare in a silent cheer,
But the beast of the ravine can only jeer
And think about the construction and how it is quite queer.
You smell of almond water poured over the Silken King
As the octopus longs for a mouth made of the finest sterling.
I can't comprehend the mathematics of the songs that blackbirds sing
And I can't make doll-house linens out of the smallest thing.
:iconsolaceparoxysm:SoLaCePaRoXySM 0 0
Walking in a shadow behind her eyes
Where the meadow flies,
Where the widow cries.
I'm sitting on the side of the road
Like a big, green toad.
I can't help but wish
For someone to flop like a fish.
Let's throw him againsto the tide
And see if he likes the ride.
Sitting in the grass waiting for a life to pass.
Some say he was crazy, some say he was mad,
Some say he was hazy:  All I know is I'm glad.
They were pretty amazed at what they found.
Now they're puttin' him in the ground.
Needless to say, all his friends were pissed
'Bout every single sign they missed.
Can you imagine the shroom from the bomb
When they told his dad and mom?
They brought tons and tons of flowers
In rememberance of happy hours.
No, they'll never see him again,
And that makes him ecstatic, my friend.
:iconsolaceparoxysm:SoLaCePaRoXySM 1 2
Breaking the Virgin
I can't give it back.  
There's nothing I can do.  
I can't give it back once I do you.  
Wrap your lips around me, sail away on a wet dream.  
Wrap your legs around me, sail away on a scream.  
Enter the cocoon, metamorphose soon.  
I have found solace in the oddest tomb.  
Enter the cocoon, metamorphose soon.
Enlightened in a darkened cave surrounded by you.  
No, I'm not breaking her heart:  this is just the painful start.  
I wish I could alleviate this part, but it's worth it for this work of art, because I'm breaking the virgin, because I'm breaking the virgin because she's an outdated version, because I'm breaking the virgin.  
I can't give it back, there's nothing I can do.  
I can't give it back after I do you.  
Wrap your lips around me, sail away on a wet dream.  
Wrap your legs around me, sail away on a scream.  
Enter the coc
:iconsolaceparoxysm:SoLaCePaRoXySM 1 0
You and I were on a mountaintop.  
We were watching all the speeding cops.  
We were searching for enlightenment on Mt. Sinai.  
We asked God what his name was, and he said, "I am what I am."  
I'll take his silence as a hint that maybe Jehovah's not in a body.
Maybe, just maybe, he's above you and me, so why lower our creator to a corporeal plane, making him the same?  
He doesn't tell his children his name, because there's power in such a thing.
He doesn't tell his children his name, because your God wants everything.
:iconsolaceparoxysm:SoLaCePaRoXySM 1 0
Psychedelia Ophelia
I met a girl in the sky and I asked her, "Why do you fly?"
She said, "To pass the time," and I did reply, "What's that?"
We went to a field of caterpillars,
And with a smoky lip
Did on of them teach us how to skip.
We passed many marshmellow trees,
And we made instruments of the reeds
And made the most beautiful music ever seen.
I asked her her name, and she said, "It's all the same," and I said, "I just want to hear a sound more beautiful than the ones we've just made."  And she did tell me her name was Psychedelia Ophelia.
But when the chilly winter came, everything ceased to be the same.
We had no leaves to lie in:  only snow for her to die in.
I miss my Psychedelia Ophelia like the bird misses the worm at noon.
Now all I have to look forward to is the fact that I'll join her soon,
My Psychedelia Ophelia.
:iconsolaceparoxysm:SoLaCePaRoXySM 2 0
Do what Thou Wilst
They say idle hands are the devil's playthings and I understand.  I touched a blossom and wiped it dry.
I felt the moon screaming in the background.  
She ate of leaves and poppy seeds and told me a secret:
There's no such thing as sin, so do as Aleister said, and do what thou wilst.  
So we climbed into ourselves, and what did we find?  
We are purest with our absence of light, led only by the insane moon- the one that told me a secret:  There's no such thing as sin, so do as Aleister said, and do what thou wilst.  
When the snakes call your name, float on the seeds of the apple, for the turth shall set you free.  
Just be, for what is there to lose but your soul?
Let's dance around and do what we want.  
Speak of the devil and do what thou wilst.
:iconsolaceparoxysm:SoLaCePaRoXySM 0 0
Speak of the Devil
When the blood of the moon is thick with heroin, then I will see you again.  
Riding on the back of a spider and passing as sand through time;
I feel so sacred tonight with the falling sunlight.  
A summer rose's wet kiss is reminiscent of lotus-petal envy as we toast the death of the child with a carcinogenic tonic.
Let's raise our glass of smoke to the old way with which I spoke.  When the tears fall all around, the splashing knocks the stars upside down.  
I've never seen anything as beautiful as sin.  Look at her skin and speak of the devil.  
What's there to lose but your soul?  And if you lose that, it was never yours to begin with.
Let's surrender to the drunken night, give the neighbours a terrible fright.
Let's dance in our skin and speak of the devil.
Let's dance in our sin and speak of the devil.
Let's dance around and speak of the devil.
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